Norigin Media AS

NORIGIN MEDIA is a proudly Scandinavian company providing Over the Top (OTT) TV and video products. The multi-screen TV Apps and Live TV Cloud Encoding platforms are the flagship products. With over a decade of experience in TV and video hosting, Norigin caters to the premium TV services market, offering agnostic scalability, customisation, monitoring and expert support services.

Head-quartered in Oslo, the company has provided solutions for T-Mobile, France Telecom/ Orange TV, Nextel, Eurosport, TV2 Denmark, BBC, MTV, FOX and other reputable customers. Also we have our own hybrid application for Norigin Media. All design is suited for smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC, Smart TV, and game consoles (xbox).

I feel grateful to be able to be a part of the UI/UX design team as we design all cross-platforms along with wireframes and workflow. We also have to maintain and continue develop solutions for both our customers and Norigin Media's hybrid application.  As a temporarily lead designer for Norigin Media, I've also contributed with branding the company, sales pitches, presentations, direct contact with customers and managing the design team.